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Thor: The Dark World
Thor: The Dark World
‘THOR: The Dark World’ is popcorn entertainment!
This sequel is bigger and better in every which way, with gratifying doses of humour, and splendid visuals. It sure isn’t among the finest of Marvel movies, but is definitely a highly entertaining action film that completely absorbs you for two hours.
In this instalment, Thor battles to save all the Nine Realms from a mysterious enemy older than the universe itself. However, a shadowy race led by Malekith who is out for revenge, intends to descend the universe into darkness. Confronted by an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot overcome, Thor battles an ancient race of Dark Elves who threaten to plunge the universe back into darkness after the events of The Avengers.
I personally had very little expectations from this film, as I never really enjoyed the first instalment, which, in my view, was too boring for a superhero movie. However, I was pleasantly surprised and gleefully engrossed in the action this one offered, right from the very start. There’s never a dull moment, and the virtual imagery is resplendent. The screenplay, although never too savvy, is just too engaging. The pace is good and the action is truly grand and high stake with top-drawer 3D based CGI. The narration is assistive and the drama is well knitted. Yes there are just too many characters, with very little for each one to do, but it all sums up nicely. It cares little about why and how, and focuses more on the entertainment quotient which is pretty high.
The performances too are good. There can be no one more convincing as the ‘Thor’, than Chris Hemsworth. He looks, feels and breathes the character. Tom Hiddleston as ‘Loki’ is terrific. His comic timing scores makes this film so much more interesting. In fact, the scenes bonding Thor with Loki are definitely the high points of the film. Natalie Portman looks beautiful, and as always, gives a perfect performance. All others are apt.
In all, ‘THOR: The Dark World’ is unconventional, occasionally silly, and surprisingly fun. Definitely worth a watch!
Note:- In-between the end credits, there’s a surprise lined up for you. Do not leave till the credits are done.
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