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Tiger Zinda Hai
Tiger Zinda Hai

TIGER ZINDA HAI is hollow, yet passable entertainment!

Spoon-feeding its audience with a constant commentary about what’s going to happen next, this dumbed-down spy thriller is aimed purely at the masses who come to the theatre to watch Salman Khan’s charisma. Content-wise, the film scores very low, but soars high with its technical finesse. Watchable, but not recommended!

A sequel to the record-breaking blockbuster EK THA TIGER, TIGER ZINDA HAI continues the story of two super spies Tiger and Zoya, eight years after their previous mission.

Shot across various international locations with sleek production values, this sequel exudes technical brilliance. Director Ali Abbas Zafar, in his renowned style, shoots everything in the most stylish way possible. He knows how to make his product aesthetically pleasing. However, unlike his previous film SULTAN, TIGER ZINDA HAI lacks the heft in its screenplay. Presenting a spy thriller requires some level of intelligence in the script, but the writers here, in order to make their big-budget-exhibit accessible to audiences across the country, have dumbed it down to the least possible brain.

Following his last film, I was hoping to see some intelligence to be built into this franchise by Zafar, especially because the previous instalment defied all logics. But this one isn’t far behind in that respect. It may be a slight improvement over its predecessor, but it still is a hopelessly unintelligent film. But to be honest, that’s what Salman Khan films are all about. They are event films, which rely more on the emotions of the masses, than their intelligence. Eventually, TIGER ZINDA HAI does deliver what its target audience expected. Even the action scenes score really high.

Of the performers, it’s a Salman Khan show all along. Everything and everyone takes a back seat, ensuring that the USP of the film (KHAN himself) is at the forefront of every damn scene. He does exactly what he was asked of, is all I can say. Katrina Kaif plays a supporting part adequately. Sajjad Delafrooz, playing terror kingpin Abu Usman is the most impactful actor in this film. Even in a relatively small role, he makes his presence felt and how. All others are passable.

In all, TIGER ZINDA HAI is a quintessential popcorn entertainer, with grand scale, gorgeous locales, loads of action and ofcourse, Salman Khan. If you don’t mind a no-brainer, you’ll be decently entertained!

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