“WAITING” is sensitive and uplifting!
Propelled by two splendid lead performances, WAITING delicately portrays the grief of loss and the tendency to cling-on, while showing life in a new light, one that’s tragic yet enriching. Despite its weak-links, the film succeeds in making you care about the characters and realize their sorrow, all within a smartly packaged 95-minute runtime. Go for it!
WAITING follows the story of a retired professor whose wife has been in a coma for eight months. He happens to meet a terrified young lady whose husband has just slipped into coma after a major accident. What follows is the journey of two lonely strangers supporting each other.
There’s an inherent charm in the journey displayed, despite the simplicity and mundaneness of the plot. You see such things happening daily, but you never really stop and think too much about it unless it happens to you. The film makes you realize the heartache involved in waiting for the one you love, to recover.
Yes, it’s based on a sorry theme, but it’s never depressing. There are moments that make you so attached that you just can’t help but feel for the characters on screen, laugh when they’re happy and feel the pain when they’re sad. Highly nuanced are the expressions throughout and never is the tone loud. Yes, the scenes do have their share of flaws, but you can easily overlook them.
The generation gap is also portrayed beautifully without really going over-the-top. The film also sheds light on the reality of the medical institutions in our country today. While it never really harps very strongly on it, it touches the issue prominently. The first half cruises seamlessly, but post interval, the plot loses much of its relevance and honestly is rendered out of ideas. However, it still keeps the proceedings as genuine as they get and mostly convincing.
The performances deserve the highest of praises. Naseeruddin Shah expectedly is top-notch. He sinks his teeth deep into whatever character you ask him to play. We know he’s the finest we have, and he just proves it yet again with this amazingly poised and layered portrayal. Kalki has also grown immensely. She swept us off our feet last year with MARGARITA WITH A STRAW and she does it again with this gem of a performance. She rises to the occasion each time and manages to stand her own in front of the stalwart that is Shah opposite her. Even if the film was half as good, you could’ve watched joyfully just for these two performances. All others including Rajat Kapoor do a good job.
To sum up, WAITING is a heart-wrenching tale that’s both compelling and engaging. Don’t miss it, especially not those two delightful performances.

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