Welcome to New York



Welcome to New York
Welcome to New York

WELCOME TO NEW YORK is a foolish film!

Resembling more to an award-function-gag than a film, this extremely dumb comic caper is a waste of time, money and many, many actors. Stay far away!

"Welcome to New York" tells the story of two unlikely youngsters living in India in search of a better life for themselves. They jump at the chance for an open audition call seeking unknown talent to participate in India's biggest entertainment awards ceremony, an Award show to be held in New York City. Little do they know that the show's promoter has selected them because they are the two worst auditions submitted and they've been given travel visas and the royal treatment only to serve a secret plan to sabotage the awards show for revenge.

 The above para is basically the whole script of the film, believe you me. And this previous line sums-up my review. Even the grand locales of New York City are presented in the most underwhelming way possible. I wasted two hours watching this film, just to realize that there’s nothing to watch at all. The premise is foolish, and the humour is puerile. I don’t know what all the big stars are doing in it.

That reminds me of Karan Johar, who will definitely kick himself if he sees on-screen, what he’s doing here. It has to be one of his most embarrassing performances in any capacity (actor/ director/ writer/ TV host). Diljeet Dosanjh is wasted in this joke of a film. He puts in everything for a lost cause. Sonakshi hams her way though, so do Boman, Lara and Riteish.

To sum up, there’s just no reason to watch this film. Avoid at all costs!

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