YAARIYAN is an unrefined, idiotic and regressive youth film!
With a terribly disjointed script, nonsensical plot, ridiculous performances and retrograde theme, the movie is a disaster. But thanks to a chartbuster music score and comprehensive promotions, even a film as dumb as this will be able to garner a good opening.
It’s a story of five close-knit friends who are exploring the best moments of their lives in college, experiencing different relationships and learning new values every day.
The film is supposedly an ode to friendship, about young people, their bonding, their problems, their fun, their mistakes and their relations. It also intends to throw light on your firsts – first love, first challenge, first outburst, and first strong bond of friendship – but in a package so daft that you just can’t ever relate to it. Everything here so unbelievably mind-numbing and stupid that you feel it’s going on endlessly with no respite. The look and feel of the film is something that saves its face, and its hugely popular music is the sole reason why people will at all contemplate going for it. Director Divya Khosla Kumar surely has a long way to go before she makes a movie that isn’t embarrassing.
The performances range from ludicrous to laughable. You can use as many adjectives as you like, but you can’t ever clearly state how terrible each actor is in this film.
It’s really a hard task reviewing a film like this, but it saves you readers from the pain that we critics have already gone through watching it. Avoid it. It’s unwatchable!
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